4 Rice Cooker Recipes as TikTok Blows the Lid Off Just Cooking Rice!

Thought your rice cooker was only good for cooking fluffy rice every single time? You thought wrong.TikTok is dishing up the culinary goods, showing us how to nail all sorts of rice cooker recipes, from cakes to complete meals! #MINDBLOWN

Rice cookers are kind of a big deal

If ever you’ve asked yourself when is a rice cooker so much more than a rice cooker? When you can cook WHOLE meals in it, that’s when. Holy smokes, who even knew you could cook cake or eggs in your rice cooker? Scroll down for some mind-blowing rice cooker recipes and ideas…

Girl’s TikTok takes off thanks to her rice cooker

Amy of amycooksfood TikTok channel is blowing people’s minds on just what exactly can be made in a rice cooker – an appliance she mastered when faced with a not-so-great college dining hall. Luckily, rice cookers were allowed and Amy NAILED cooking in them.

With her TikTok channel fetching 605,000 followers and over 7.6 million likes, it’s proving the call for rice cooker recipes is strong. From hotpots to banana bread and all the mushrooms in between, there seems to be nothing Amy hasn’t tried cooking in her rice cooker!

@amycooksfood made a little intro video for my cookin in rice cooker series #amycooksfood #cookininricecooker #ricecooker #dormlife #dormcookinghacks #cookinincollege #collegelifebelike Midnight Pretenders – Tomoko Aran

Check a few of Amy’s rice cooker recipes out below – you won’t be able to resist giving them a go!

4 rice cooker recipes to try for curiosities sake

1. Boiled eggs

Basic as it might be, I have never once thought about boiling eggs in my rice cooker. Potentially it means I will never ever boil a pan dry again.

WHAT TO DO: Amy simply brings the water to a boil, pops the eggs in for 6 minutes to cook and then places them in a bowl of ice water for another 6 minutes. Genius.

rice cooker recipesNever boil a pan dry again boiling eggs this way. Source: TikTok

2. Ramen with extras

Instant ramen is made in a jiffy and with next to no trouble. Amy simply loads it all in, along with her fillings and lets the rice cooker do its thing.

WHAT TO DO: It’s as easy as making two-minute noodles only better. Bring the water to a boil, add the seasonings and drop your noodles in along with veggies and set to cook. Presto!

rice cooker recipesIt’s ramen with ALL THE TRIMMINGS. Source: TikTok

3. Egg drop soup

One of my favourite of Amy’s rice cooker recipes, who knew this was so easy to make at home – let alone in a rice cooker.

WHAT TO DO: Add to the bowl 2 cups of good-quality chicken stock, a cornflour slurry (2 tbsp cornflour mixed with 2 tbsp water) and bring to a boil. Drizzle in two beaten and seasoned eggs and top with sliced spring onion. YUMMMMMM.

rice cooker recipesThere’s no need to eat out ever again. Egg drop soup made at home in your rice cooker. Thank you 2022. Source: TikTok

4. Banana bread

Just when you thought you might’ve seen it all, I give you rice cooker banana bread. Granted it’s not foolproof (there’s a slightly overcooked bottom to be cut off) the fact remains that it CAN be done.

WHAT TO DO: In a bowl mix an egg, ⅓ cup vegetable oil, ½ cup sugar, ¼ tsp salt, ½ tsp baking soda, ¾ cup flour, ½ cup of choc chips and one mashed banana together, and pour into the greased cooker bowl to create this small appliance magic.

rice cooker recipesMIND. BLOWN. Source: TikTok

There are a whole lot more rice cooker recipes, even a glorious-looking Japanese hotpot on Amy’s TikTok channel so be sure to check it out – perfect for all your small meals!

Don’t have a rice cooker?

If you’re keen to try some of Amy’s rice cooker recipes but don’t have a rice cooker, good news, we have a stack of rice cookers here in this roundup the best rice cookers from just $10 to suit every budget. Be sure to check them out!

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