Black And Decker Toy Vacuum Cleaner For Toddler! Toy Review

Black And Decker Toy Vacuum Cleaner For Toddler! Toy Review By Zaynn.

Zaynn wanted to get a real shop vacuum but we did not want to buy it for him because it is just so powerful, therefore, we thought it would be fun for him to try out the toy shop vacuum from Black And Decker and we ordered one from Amazon and it was here right on time.

He was super excited to open the shop vacuum as always, like every other child he loves vacuum toy and loves how it works. In this video you will see him unboxing the shop vacuum, reviewing it and playing with the vacuum.

The shop vacuum was pretty cool as he could do little bit of assembling himself by using the screw driver and nut bolts that came with it. There was little bit of handy man work involved with handy man tools. He loved the porcess of assembling the vacuum and the putting the battery.

He was little disappointed with the black and decker toy vacuum as it had no real suction but he was happy with the way it made the noise and rotating balls inside the toys. I think overall he was ok with the toy vacuum.

He also had a vacuum challenge using his favorite Henry vacuum toy with his grand mother.

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