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Kids can be frustrating, annoying and down right infuriating at times and yet we still love and care for the little angels through thick and thin.

We won’t admit it, as often we actually don’t know any different, but the problem is due to a lack of awareness around our parenting which often shows itself in bad behaviour in our children (and in us parents too!). This in turn can have a negative effect on the household as strife and conflict can easily start to become a common theme in the family home.

We all know deep inside that our actions have a direct influence on the behaviour of our children, from when they are babies right up to and including their teenage years. Almost everything our children learn in the first few years of life is from us – their parents or primary care givers – and it is all stored in the their memory providing the resources they use for the creating and maintenance of values and beliefs.

Not one of us is perfect, or the perfect paren, so we need a little bit of help now and again to understand our kids and ourselves as parents. If you are anything like me and my friends, parenting came with a whole bunch of challenges and surprises, some good and some not so good too. Plus there was no shortage of people ready and willing to give parenting advise on how to feed them, raise them, put them to sleep, discipline them, and the list goes on. So much advise that maybe like me, you ended up not knowing what to do!

This is where comes in.

I have collected and written (and keep writing) helpful articles designed to help us parents as we navigate the dirty nappies, temper tantrums, eating phases, and everything else, all whilst enduring sleep deprivation and the need to talk to other adults!

Below are some of the latest articles for parenting help for you to browse, and if you want to access all the articles, just click on the top menu item, “Articles”

Drop me a note if you want to add anything or would like to know more about something that isn’t on the site.


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