The 4th trimester – Is This a Real Thing?

Is this really a thing?

Absolutely, you may not have heard of this trimester before, but it does exist.
The 4th trimester is the first 3 months after the birth of your baby and is a time of great physical and emotional change for mothers and babies and can also have an impact on your support people.
While babies don’t come with instruction manuals, taking time to get to know your baby – their personality and unique characteristics, as well as giving them the opportunity to get to know you, is very beneficial in setting a positive foundation for your parenting experience and connection as a family.
Some ways you can make the most of this time include – being present with your baby during activities like tummy time, feeding, bathing, going to the park (this can be challenging with many other priorities however focused time with baby means the world to them), utilising available community and professional supports, and resting while your baby sleeps.

I love the African proverb – ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and I like to elaborate on that and say it takes a village to raise a family. I encourage you to talk to your partner about what supports you need as a family, who is in your village and how they can contribute to supporting your family, for example cooking some meals or helping with cleaning.

Until next time, much love, and keep smiling,

Susan xx

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